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About us

Efficio is a company specialized in website production, customer relationship management (CRM) and custom-made office and mobile applications. Settled in Montreal city, we serve clients from all around the world while taking great care of our clients' needs and their budget limitations.
Our transparency and flexibility makes us the perfect partner for all of your entreprise's long term needs.

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By combining our knowledge with good practices from a vast open source community of programers, Efficio will fulfill all your expectations regarding interactive applications, as well as for intern and extern communication. Whether they are deployed as a standard content mangament system (CMS), as intranet or as a transactional website, the technologies we use propose undeniable advantages for a client looking for efficiency at an affordable price.

Analysis and mockups delivery can be transmitted through consulting sessions or as part of an already existing website recast. Entrust the developpement of your man-machine interface to us!

Our services

  • Cost and development time estimates

  • Visual hierarchization

  • Establish the main functionalities and content zones

  • Performance simulation

  • Archive and data sustainability strategy

  • User testing

Analysis and mockups

We can create original graphical concepts or adapt to your entreprise's visuals while taking the best out of the most recent layout technologies. (HTML5, CSS3)

Our services

  • Architecture, trees and navigation development

  • Personalized visual layers development

  • Increased brand readability

  • User interaction optimisation

  • Page loading optimisation

  • Accessibility norms assurance


We make static and dynamic websites for all kinds of usage : B2B, B2C, Intranet, E-Commerce and Microsites. Our proficiency of platforms like Salesforce and Drupal will garantee you an outstanding flexibilty.

Our services

  • Flourishing systems able to adapt to the client's changing needs

  • Intuitive management and publishing tools

  • Advanced configuration of rights and permissions in fonction of every member's role

  • Multisite configuration to the same host

  • Mailing lists and social medias of your choice

  • Code and search engine optimization (SEO)

Web Developement

Our tailored solutions improve interaction with your clients, providers and colleages. Widen the range of your operations and marketing with our cloud mobile and office applications.

Our services

  • Responsive mockups ajusting perfectly to tablet and smartphones screens

  • Android, iOS and Windows Phone Apps

  • )

    Highest SEO, ergonomy and accessibility norms quality norms

  • Simultaneous development and instant deployment on all devices

  • Transparent updates



Our work method in six steps allows us to better target your needs, to develop websites and apps within the deadlines, and initiate every step in a structured fashion.


Let's talk about your project

Take an appointment with Efficio to discover all the possibilities we could offer you! We listen to you needs, dreams and aspirations.

  • What are your objectives? Your contrains?
  • What will your website be used for?
  • Which problems will it have to solve?
  • How would you want to promote your brand?


We establish a framework

The general idea of the project guides all its following development steps. You can count on our expertise in priority ranking to make the best choices along this important step.

  • What kind of contents would you include in your website?
  • What categories will allow them to be structured better?
  • What are going to be the connections between your different pages and sections?
  • Quelles relations voulez-vous établir entre votre site, les applications externes et les internautes?


We put the project in motion

We choose the technologies most suited to satify your expectations and goals. We double-check the efficiency and relevance of each chosen option.

  • Service de maquettage.
  • Direction artistique, design graphique et ajustements.
  • Assistance en matière d’hébergement et de configuration de serveurs.
  • Configuration des rôles, des procédures et des outils de gestion de projet.


Time to build your project!

It's enjoyable to see a project take shape when the performer stands at attention for every single detail. No matter the task distribution, we will closely collaborate with you to achieve the quality standard you deserve.

  • Choix de photos et de vignettes.
  • Ajout d’extensions open source ou programmation sur mesure.
  • Choix de photos et de vignettes.
  • Intégration des liens, des menus et des éléments visuels.
  • Rédaction de textes et de profils d’usager.
  • Mise en page rigoureuse respectant les normes d’accessibilité.
  • Traduction de chaînes pour un multilinguisme partiel ou intégral.
  • Rétroaction et ajustements.


We deliver the product on the scheduled date

A successful publishing requires many preparations. While technologies constantly evolve, we are aware of the importance of developing all desired functionalities and finish the production of the project accordingly to the planned schedule.

  • Validation du contenu et des liens.
  • Validation de la connectivité entre le site web, les logiciels de bureau et les applications mobiles.
  • Séances de formation destinées aux administrateurs, éditeurs et modérateurs.
  • Séance de formation en groupe pour les employés.
  • Tests de performance et de montée en charge.
  • Tests utilisateurs, débogage, optimisation du code et ajustements finaux.
  • Mise en ligne.


We evolve to the pace of your needs.

Our goal is to stow the actual technology evolution to your own organizationnal needs to escort you along the path of growth. We invite you to stay in contact so we can further help you maintain your current tools and initiate a new creative process when the time comes. Efficio is the long term partner you need!

  • Ajout de nouvelles extensions open source, ou programmation sur mesure en fonction de votre développement organisationnel.
  • Mises à jour logicielles (régulières et de sécurité).
  • Séances de formation ponctuelles.
  • Intégration de nouveaux contenus.
  • Documentation, archivage et autres services d’assistance technique.


We always look foward to establish long term connections with our clients.
Excelling in average-sized project, Efficio acts as counselor and provider for many clients, such as :

  • Logo Bombardier

    International leader in plane and train construction.

    • Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 technologies
    • Corporate applications
    • Air Show Website (aeronautical fairs)
  • AQTr

    Association regrouping transportation and infrastructures professionnals.

    • Mobile app "Mon AQTr".
    • E-Commerce
    • LMS (Online Formation)
    • Drupal 7
  • Science Center of Montreal Logo

    Institution dedicatied to science and technologies.

    • Drupal 7
    • Website evolution and maintenance
    • Functionality and section additions
  • Old Port of Montreal Logo

    This historical harbor offers to montrealers and its visitors access to a wide range of activites.

    • Drupal 7
    • Website evolution and maintenance
    • Fonctionnality additions
  • cgcom

    Communication service agency passionate about new trends.

    • Tailor-made training
    • Developement time of 12 weeks
  • Novae

    Long lasting developpement media.

    • Drupal 7
    • Employment platform for professionnals
    • Ticketing system
    • Media site with newsletters
Professional and directed towards solutions, Efficio shows its technological know-how in everything regarding development of web projects, while accompganying our team members training wise. More than a service provider, Efficio is a reliable business partner, an extension of our service offering.
Sébastien Lord-Jetté
Web Executive
Efficio always shows great respect and a technical expertise of quality. Their availability and reactivity allows us to deliver web projects in a record time. Efficio showed us they could react effectively to urgent requests, while showing pedagogy towards our contributors.
Véronique Marin
Advisor, Digital marketing
Efficio's advice, whether in regard to the technological platform to use or the functionalities to add to the website, entirely satisfied us.
Mickaël Carlier


Located in the region of Montreal, we virtually serve Quebec in its entirety. We look foward to establish win-win long term connections with our cients. Give us a call to find out what we could do specifically for you.

45.788557, -74.005328 Saint-Jérôme, QC